Yesterday in the forex market, the dollar is still in shock adjustment, the highest dollar index rebounded to 81.54, the lowest fell 80.31 to close at.

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A comprehensive forex agent list includes investment with housing, commercial banks with operations, and online brokerages that serve a larger shop. The investment with substitution capabilities enter Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, …

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Forex spot market is a security or commodities market where goods, both perishable and non-perishable as well, are been sold for cash and transported at once or within a little period of time. Contracts sold on a spot market are as well ..

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The Forex market is huge, with $3 TRILLION traded around the world everyday. (Actually, the FOREX market is bigger than ALL the world stock, bonds, and futures markets combined!)

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A couple weeks ago I wrote a piece that compared the Spot Forex market to the Forex Futures.

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A Basic Understanding of the Forex Markets

In 2008, a perfect storm hit the world financial markets, flooding hundreds of firms to the level of bankruptcy and forcing many investors to liquidate their leveraged positions.

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Top Forex Trades for 2009

How Did the Dollar Trade in 2008? It has been an exceptionally active year in the foreign exchange market as currency volatilities hit record highs. In the first half of the year, everyone was worried about how much further the dollar would fall but in the second half of the…

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2009 Currency Market Outlook

Forex allows you to trade not just with the currency of your own country, but allows you to benefit from the currency values of other nations as well. People who deal with foreign exchange trades deal with many different currencies at …

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